We have been mining Bitcoin since 2016, by using our services you have the advantage of signing up under our miners everything is already setup as well as access to our 24/7 trading that insure more profits for you.

  • Mining Packages

    With MaxHash you purchase specific amount of packages that have a determined amount of percentage for your profit. 

  • Low Overhead, Max Profits 

    Our systems are all setup, no need for you to worry about maitnenance or electricity costs. Services are ready for you start generating profits immediately. 

  • Max Growth

    Our packages allow users to make original investment back in as little as 12 days! With 1 year contracts everything else allows you to continue to grow your portfolio. MaxHash gives max profits! 

Why Choose Bitcoin mining ?

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Large Profits

We offer some of the most competetive rates in the industry. Giving best chance in up or down market to make money on your investment. Read more.

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Easy Usage

Very easy to signup and make your first deposit, start earning immediately leave the rest to us. Read more.

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Lowest Prices

We have the best possible rates for hashing packages, these are introductory and are subject to change so take advantage now of these incredible prices. Read more.

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Fast Support

Our support team is available 24/7, we are here for you so please do not hestiate to contact us if you have any questions. Read more.

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Live Dashboard

See your earnings in real time by logging into your account, our interface is very user friendly and easy to understand.  Read more.

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Best Referral

Offering true and sustainable referral bonues is important in business. This is why we are happy to offer Level 1 bonus of 7% and Level 2 bonus of 3%. Read more.

Cloud based GHs

We have over 900+ miners and growing every day! Your sign up with us is worry free from maintenance of machines or electricity. Choose your package, make your deposit leave the rest to us. 

GHS Starts Mining

Your package starts mining first 24 hours after deposit. Start making Max profits immediately! 

More GHs Generate

With our very competitive service and pricing you generate more hash power which means more profits daily! 

Withdraw Bitcoins

You can withdraw within 24 hours of first deposit! We have low withdrwal & low withdrawal fee. We truly aim for more money to stay with you this is why we are MaxHashing. 

Our Plans for Investment

Beginner Miner Package

1.00 Per Contract

  • $10.00 - $150000.00 - 5.00%
  • Duration: 30 DAYS
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Advance Miner Package

1.00 Per Contract

  • $1001.00 - $250000.00 - 7.00%
  • Duration: 35 DAYS
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Max Miner Package

1.00 Per Contract

  • $10001.00 - $250000.00 - 8.00%
  • Duration: 40 DAYS
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We offer value added services join with us and start mining

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